Cell phone cameras

Sometimes the only camera that's handy is the one on your phone. Not necessarily a bad thing, especially when a unique scene (and the opportunity to capture it) suddenly presents itself.


This cell phone picture was captured by my daughter, Lauren, who just completed a cross country trip which traversed a snowy I-10 near Tuscon, AZ.

I like the look across the hood of her Jeep down the asphalt, the gray-white sky and ground, and the vibrant colors of the street signs. Look closely if you can't see them right away. It's an interesting composition. 

Lauren, a U.S. Navy corpsman, is reporting to MCAS Miramar in California this week and begins training for an upcoming deployment to the Middle East.

Lauren's an accomplished photographer, too. While her job at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune gave her some training and experience with a camera, I like to think maybe I had a little something to do with her instincts and eye for a good shot, even if it's taken with just a cell phone camera.