The new website is up!

I've owned for some time now, but have just recently recovered enough lost photo data from bad hard drives to start a portfolio.

As you might expect, re-discovery is often more time consuming than original discovery.

So, be patient as I dig through the archives to pull out some pictures that best represent the photography I'm most interested in - and which demonstrates the skills I've developed over the years that might be interesting to you.

I'm available for events (small weddings, reunions, graduations, etc.), real estate marketing and promotion, corporate photography, travel promotion, and even low altitude perspective photo and video, i.e., "drone photography." The drone is an awesome equipment adjunct, and supplements ground based photos and videos.

Check out the galleries I've uploaded, listed either in the left column, or above under "Menu," depending on your browser. Lots more to come!

If you have an event, idea, or project that you'd like to discuss, please give me a call at (954) 914-5028. Reasonably priced, I'm also flexible and well-equipped for location shoots.